Teh Golden One is a ERC-20 token on Ethereum Blockchain.
To buy this token, follow the 3 simple steps as mentioned below. Our Contract Address is 0x0ec72cd6690db40b16be166858299f19d4f8e5b0

Step 1

Setup your wallet

The first step is download and install MetaMask or Trust Wallet app on your phone. It will provide you with a twelve-word secret recovery phrase when you first install it.

Step 2

Purchase Ether (ETH)

You’ll need Ether in your wallet to use MetaMask/Trust Wallet to engage with decentralized applications. You can either purchase Ethereum directly or get it transferred to your wallet using your ERC-20 Receive Address

Step 3

Swap ETH to GOLD1

Now, to buy Teh Golden One, you need to launch Uniswap and connect your wallet. Enter the GOLD1 contract address, set the slippage to 5% and click on SWAP. Note that you cannot swap out your max ETH as you will need to leave some $$ to cater for gas fees.