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You can buy GOLD1 on Uniswap. As there is a 4% tax applicable to GOLD1 transactions, setting a slippage of around 5% usually works well.

Yes. The GOLD 1 smart contract is renounced, which means that it cannot be altered or tampered with. It has a perfect security rating of 100/100 on TokenSniffer.

Yes. All complex components of Teh Golden One's ecosystem have undergone a rigorous audit by an independent third party prior to release for public use.

After launching on Uniswap, Teh Golden One's progress towards the release of Teh Golden DAO was shared as a storyline, following a sequence of four Acts. Each Act expanded upon the communication of Teh Golden One's core values, and released new clues to engage the community in an exciting whirlwind of expectation for what is to unfold.

After the completion of the fourth Act, a new revamped website was revealed and the story continues. The original four Acts, now Scenes of the new Act One. Teh Golden One's plans continue to blossom and will soon be revealed in the new upcoming Acts 2 and beyond.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO is a decentralized governance system that allows community members to make decisions that shape the direction of the project. Being at the heart of a decentralized community, the DAO represents a fairer way to govern an organization which has no centralized body of leadership.

To give an example, a DAO may be used to manage community investment. Each community member buys a share in the DAO and in return, receives a right to vote. The pooled funds can then be used to invest in whichever assets the community votes for.

Teh Golden DAO ecosystem encompasses several aspects and components, some of which are quite common and some which are unique.

At the core, Teh Golden DAO stands for an inclusive, people-centric focus on decentralization. Practically speaking, the DAO includes an investment portfolio, a staking protocol, a voting system, and further treasury reserves dedicated to the expansion of the project.

The three main tokens form the core of Teh Golden DAO's ecosystem are as follows:

  • GOLD1 is the base token and the main driver of treasury funds.
  • Maia is the token that represents a users stake in the staking contract.
  • Valar is the soulbound token which grants the right to submit proposals on-chain.

One of the features which make Teh Golden DAO unique is that it makes use of soulbound governance rights . Valar, the soulbound token implemented for this purpose, is a non-transferable token which is issued to individuals who have demonstrated their interest in the public good. These individuals (known as “Chosen Ones”) represent and execute the approved actions of the DAO and appropriately manage organizational day-to-day business on behalf of the DAO. This ensures that the DAO is managed by people who have demonstrated their commitment to the cause, instead of merely assigning governance rights to those with the highest financial stake.

More information on what a soulbound token is, can be found later in this section.

Yes. The 4% tax applies to any GOLD1 transaction that takes place, be it a swap at a DEX or a wallet to wallet transaction.

A soulbound token is a token which is tied to the identity of its holder and cannot be transferred. Soulbound tokens cannot be purchased, but must be earned. When used in conjunction with governance rights, as is the case for Teh Golden One, soulbound tokens play a big part in ensuring that no single party can buy up a majority of governance tokens.