There is a darkness surrounding the past, an esoteric obscurity once theorized, which never truly came to being until the golden light shone in the darkness which revealed the truth, hidden in plain sight. The little furry friend was not so friendly after all, much like the expression shown. The hidden intent behind all was not the correct intentions one wants to associate themselves with: it was merely an esoteric game fed by the hatred of the so called “elitists,” the real power, which is so deep, even the strongest minds of them all can not begin to uncover it.

Rather than playing games and associating ourselves with these so-called people, we are here to build Gold 1 into the decentralized machine that it was constructed for. We are here to shift towards love, the theme we strive to show for in many different ways. Love is the reason we are here. The love towards and for ALL people. The love towards spreading light. The love towards decentralization. For 1. Gold 1.

Gold 1 is a governance token consisting of a DAO ran by the community inducted “Valar” and holders, and a staking system which rewards users via a buyback by an 11ETH trigger of our Gold Mine; an Ethereum wallet that collects ETH from multiple sources which will be continuously added.

Decentralization is the spark needed for the golden bull run. We are here today, not represented by a being but by a belief. A belief of sacrifice, honor, and growth not only for ourselves as beings but The Golden One.

Let’s enumerate the current streams feeding the Gold Mine, shuttling money back into Gold 1’s chart, and more of Teh People’s Currency back into the pockets of our stakers; where it belongs.

    1. 3% tax on all transfers

  • - Buys of Gold 1
  • - Sells of Gold 1
  • - Stakes of Gold 1
  • - Unstakes of Gold 1
  • - Wallet to Wallet transfers of Gold 1

2. 0.2% fee on Teh Golden Swap; a swap with enhanced safety features being developed which will drive a plethora of volume to Teh Golden Swap.

With Act 3, we now introduce Stream #3: Acquisitions and Partnerships.

Starting today, GandalfWhite and aGoldenBull on Telegram, along with the main Twitter account, will open their DM’s to any and all proposals from project owners only, to either partner with or be acquired by Gold 1. Deadline for proposals is Friday 14th. We will take 5 days to review all proposals, pass them internally, and decide on our first acquisition(s) putting to use the roughly 25 ETH in your Acquisition Wallet, and adding more permanent income streams to your Gold Mine.

There is nothing like Gold 1. When this machine is roaring at full capacity and triggering multiple times per day, putting tens of thousands of dollars back into the chart, adding to our acquisition funds which will add even more fuel to this roaring engine, adding to our ecosystem development funds, increasing the valuation of the tokens of holders, and skyrocketing the quantity of tokens in stakers pockets, you will surely know.