In the beginning there were two of us...

The vision of decentralization based around one community and the idea of a golden furry friend decorated with the Ikuta Shrine as the entrance, was clear. He had the idea, I had the vision, the money, and the experience. The conversation in Osaka turned these into a reality. It was just the two of us.

The vision was getting to be an obsession and watching it grow became fruitful. Like a mother taking care of her kin, it was always an unbearable thought of separating from it. As in many business dealings, when growth happens, money seems to change people. Even though my love was something unexplainable to anyone, my dreams were clouded with mishaps and the Shi was everywhere. Having vocalized this, it was the beginning of an end. I wasn’t sure if I was a friend or a stranger. “Thank Fren.” It was just me now.

"You were foolish when you gave The Golden One away." They did not realize that my love for it was love I could hardly even describe. As I stepped away, my mind needed to replenish to allow it to think clearly. Opening the gates is a process the mind goes through, and even though the exact destination was unclear, my love for decentralization, to have the community rule as a one, and my love for the journey has reignited. I am here to finish what I originally sought out to do. It’s time.

Decentralization is the spark needed for the golden bull run. We are here today, not represented by a being but by a belief. A belief of sacrifice, honor, and growth not only for ourselves as beings but The Golden One.

- Fren


Honor The Hunt

Weather the storm...

The only one that loved the vision unconditionally.

That sacrificed their own personal gain for the success of the whole.

This one, not a chosen one, was given power despite being unfit and visionless.

I let my keyboard feel my pain rather than explain.

When a person unfit to lead is given power, chaos will ensue.

The thinking was the same for Lear, only after he realized his mistake.

As the family is torn, so is the kingdom, and conflicts arise.

The same people once called your family have left you out, to weather the STORM.

They can realize their mistake, but it’s too late.


Initiate the Movement

intro to a little fren


Become 1

Teh People's Currency

As I open my eyes, with the past now behind me, I shift my focus to the future. A future that was all meant to begin, back in 2020. A time when we had a golden dream, a dream that would truly decentralize, and put the people first.

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